Saturday, 28 September 2013

Consumer Protection–A Social Legal Challenge

Consumer Protection–A Social Legal Challenge
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur Deptt. of Law & Governance organized a seminar on “Consumer Protection–A Social Legal Challenge”. Chief Guest of the Seminar was Justice Udai Chand Barupal (presently Principal Private Secretary) Lokayukta Rajasthan. In the Opening Ceremony of a seminar University Chairperson JVn Vidushi Garg enlightened the lamp and welcome the Guest.
Chief Guest speaking on the occasion that Revolutionary Industrialization and development in the International Trade and Business has rigorously effected the relations of consumer and traders. What is most required is a consumer revolution so that traders may feel their responsibilities by bringing consumable items of required standard.
On this occasion Chairperson JVn Vidushi Garg,Vice Chancellor Dr Prabha Thoudam & Advisor Dr. Panckaj Garg assure the students that university already adopted all the standards of the education and medical services as required under the present law.
In the end of the programme Dr. R.K. Patni, Dean of Law & Governance Deptt. presented vote of thanks and congratulate their students for their kind cooperation.

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