Saturday, 9 March 2013

Women Icon Awards on International Women's Day by JVWU

Jaipur, 8 march 2013. Addressing students of the university Mr. S.N Bhargava said that “Self labor works as a significant key in achieving success, but culture and ethics are the pivotal of it. Once should always utilized positive mind frame as a tool in one’s participation for family and community development, which I have observed in this University.” Mr. S.N Bhargava Ex Chief Justice Sikkim and Mr B.L Soni, Commissioner of police, Jaipur were the chief guest of Women’s Icon Award 2013 which was organized by the Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University in the University premises on the occasion of International Women’s Day

University had started Women Icon Awards series to salute women leaders who have made significant contribution during their success journey in order to inspire the student and the whole nation at large in different fields like education, media, literature, entrepreneurship, law, medical, administration, judiciary, upholding of traditional ancient values and social work etc. since 2011. Mr. Soni said that “the university has understood the role of education as the need of present hour, and so taking it in mind it has encouraged the academic and community development of the society and which is quite appreciable”. He said that only after the complete education of women we can visualize our Dream India. 

The Women’s Icon Award ceremony was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chairperson Vidushi Garg by enlighten the lamp. The Chief Guest of the program Mr. S.N Bhargava Ex Chief Justice Sikkim addressed the gathering. The program started at 6 pm. The award ceremony presided over by Hon’ble chairperson Vidushi Garg. University students welcomed the women icons. 

The university awarded 8 Women and facilitates with special honor to the 3 women who are the inspirational pillars for the society and who have contributed for the goal of women empowerment in different fields. After the award ceremony the students of the university presented the cultural program with performances like dances, drama etc.

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