Saturday, 23 February 2013

“VITVARA 2013” (Electronic Feast) @ JVWU

JAIPUR, 23 Feb 2013 “The flash of today’s life is Electronics, Electronics plays an important role in education, medical and development of the society” said Vidushi Garg Hon’ble chairperson of Jayoti Vidyapeeth women’s university.

In Jayoti Vidyapeeth women’s university students celebrated their first electronic feast “VITVARA 2013”.The feast was inaugurated by Hon’ble chairperson Vidushi Garg. She enlightened the lamp and started the programme by addressing the students. She said “Through electronics the time taken in every aspects of life is shortened and therefore it has become time and money saving. This is the main reason of its popularity today” 

In this feast various activities were conducted by the students like Presentation on E-waste, Discussions, quiz competition, Animated Drama and Dance, Knock out (demonstration of Robots which was made by university EC students) .The main two attractions of the feast were Knock out in which various robot like metal detector, light follower, advance line follower were displayed, and the decoration in the feast was done by Electronic waste and that was looking fabulous. The whole ambiance was lightened up with the different bulbs and the students were very excited.

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