Sunday, 3 February 2013

10 Advantages of Studying through Distance Education

1. It's Flexible:  You can earn and study at the same time! Flexibility is the biggest advantage of distance learning courses. This stands true especially if you are a working professional. Not everyone has the luxury of taking their own time to finish their studies. For those who had to take a break from studies to start working, such courses are a boon and provide the opportunity to pursue higher education.

2. Saves Time & Energy: You save up a lot of time and energy on commuting. You can stay in Pune and pursue a course that is available in Bangalore. Or you might be based out of a remote village or town which does not have enough options for higher studies. Distance Education courses eliminate these obstacles. 

3. Study at your own Pace: Not everyone has the same pace of learning. Some students pick up things fast, others need time to grasp a concept. One of the biggest advantages of distance learning is that you can study at a pace that is comfortable for you. 

4. Saves Money: These courses are almost always cheaper as compared to their on-campus counter-parts. You also cut down on the costs incurred while commuting etc.

5. Convenient: You can submit your assignment with the click of a button or simply drop it off at a post-office! It’s sometimes as simple as that!

6. 24X7 Access to Study Material & fellow Students: This is the best way to study if you are comfortable with internet and technology. You can access your study material online whenever you want and also clear doubts, exchange views and discuss with your virtual class-mates! 

7. Study any Topic You Want: Since you‘d already have all your books/online study material with you, you can pick up any topic/chapter that interests you and tackle that first! This way your interest in the subject is sustained.

8. Needs less Resources : Due to continuous increase in the population and scarcity of infrastructure, financial, and personnel resources, distance education systems helps million of students to full fill their educational aspiration. But among the various method of education this mode has inherent potentialities to curb our national problem of illiteracy.

9. Latest Study Material & Hi-Tech Environment : Distance Education mode paves way for an access to latest technologically-rich environment. Students can determine place and time of class in this Distance mode of Education. Students in the Distance Education are always in the advantage of getting exposed to the latest study material developed in high academic atmosphere.

10. More Degree, More Money : When you have a degree you are going to be able to make more money, and you can go from working a job, to having a career. Continuing your education is going to get you where you want to be, and there are going to be different career and job opportunities available to you that weren’t before. Distance Education is a great way to do something with your life, and to make yourself more successful.

Distance Education is the great choice for the person who don't have the ability to pay a lot of fees as well as in need to continue their studies while working. Surely distance education is the best choice to continue our degree from our own income. 

Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University offers Distance Education Programs in the following courses :
  • BA (Hindi & English Medium)
  • B. Com. (Hindi & English Medium)
  • MA (Hindi & English Medium)
  • MCA (English Medium)
  • MBA (English Medium) - Specialization in Human Resource & Marketing Management. 

Special Features of JVWU's Distance Education Program :
  • Recognized by DEC & Tripartite Committee of UGC, AICTE, DEC.
  • Round the Year Admission.
  • Distance Education Programs are for both Men & Women.
  • Enrollment / Exam 4  Times a Year.
  • Flexible Counseling - Face to Face / E-Learning or Blended.
  • Time bound Exam and Result Declaration.
  • Helphine 24 x 7 Toll Free, DVIS System.

For any admission inquiry you can email us at or call 0 9001999320.

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